5 Places to Learn Public Speaking for Free


As we've discussed many times before, public speaking is a daunting endeavor. Being able to put your ideas out in as articulate a way as possible makes most people go weak in their knees. There are plenty of benefits, both professionally and personally, to conquering your fear of public speaking. If you have never taken a course, or worked to hone your skill, a free public speaking course may be perfect for you before you invest in a professional public speaking course. There are several free resources which you can turn to, to learn the art of public speaking.

Here are 5 places to learn public speaking for free. 


YouTube has a huge selection of videos to choose from. You can listen to various speeches, made by a host of people, from which you can take inspiration and/or you can simply look for lectures by people giving advice on how to make a good speech or improve your public speaking skills.


MOOCs actually stand for Massive Open Online Courses and provide learners a vast choice of taking up courses from sewing to biochemistry and everything in between. Various universities have put up their courses online, and most of them are free. Simply look for a course of your choice and learn away! You even get a certificate for completing the course and it is your choice, whether you want to complete the course in a week or a month.

The Accidental Communicator

This blog is written by an expert on the topic of public speaking – Dr. Jim Anderson – who shares his experience of coaching and training public speakers. There is a collection of advice published that can help you out.

FutureLearn's Talk the Talk: How to Give a Great Presentation'

This is a free online course that is covered a period of 6 weeks. Resources include TED Talks videos as well as an interactive session with other learners to make the whole learning process more comprehensive.

Toast Masters

 There are several how-to articles spread over various topics – including how to accept an award! It doesn’t hurt to read through a few self-help articles and blogs. Practice those tips in front of those whom one is comfortable with or even the mirror and build confidence and correct body language if need be. Slowly and steadily the skill becomes a habit and your comfort zone automatically broadens.

Public speaking is not only confined to the realms of speeches, it can be as simple as speaking aloud in a meeting or where you have to talk to a group of people, or even give an important presentation. The importance of public speaking is indeed great. With the tricks and tips provided in these places (for free no less), you can really get a jump start on the art of public speaking. 

Taking it to the next level

While there are multiple places to get tips & tricks for public speaking, we believe hands-on-training is the way to truly master public speaking. If you are looking for proven techniques for preparing and delivering effective presentations; greater confidence in your presentation skills ability; and new tools for effective communication look no further. Excellence in Speaking Institue, our signature course, provides all of the above and each attendee also receives an individualized game plan for how to further improve and enhance their skills after the course.

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