Why Your Company Should Consider a Public Speaking Coach


Have you ever sat through a business proposal and after it ended you were surprised it was already over? If that has happened, you were fortunate. All too often presenters make us look at our watches every 30 seconds. Or the presentation ends and we’re surprised it only lasted 10 minutes when it seemed like 10 hours.

If poor presentations are a problem for those on the receiving end, imagine if you or someone you work with is on the giving end. You risk losing potential clients. You aren’t taken seriously. People make excuses to no longer be available when you call on them.

The Solution

A public speaking coach can make all of the difference for your team. These professionals can help nearly anyone—even the “reluctant” speaker learn to make a valuable presentation that will help your company.

Reluctant speakers often just want to get through their presentation. Public speaking training can help them learn strategies to make their presentations less stressful for them, while also ensuring that the presentation is valuable to listeners.

Nearly everyone who has to present to others can benefit from business communication classes. In these business communications classes, students will learn about structure, phrasing, and how to ensure an audience is paying attention.

As with any skill, they will get better with experience, but rather than learning over the course of years and with potentially several failures, your employees will be ready to hit the ground running. They will know how to organize material, how to share that material and make people remember the content and not the nervous speaker.

Hiring a person to give your presenters public speaking training is not a one-off experience. As with any good coach, these people can give feedback that starts to mean more over time and after they have gained experience. Becoming good at presentations usually requires practice, skill, and honest feedback.

Hiring a Public Speaking Trainer

There are several things to keep in mind when hiring a person to train your staff in making great public presentations:

  • You need to find someone that is likable. In order to do their job well, a communications coach needs to be able to criticize their “students” in a manner that is helpful, not embarrassing. The trainer needs to be someone people will listen to and trust. The best advice in the world is useless if people don’t want to listen to the coach giving it.
  • Find someone who will start everyone at the same point and take them through the process. There can be too many holes to fill without going through the entire process and ensuring everyone has the same vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Investigate the trainer’s track record, and if they don’t have one, take time to interview them and sit through one of their presentations.

A public speaking coach can provide a lot of good information to your staff, and hiring one is often one of the things you can do that will provide a great return on investment. Take the time to find a great coach and let your staff gain confidence in their presentations, then you can reap the rewards.

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